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On this page I will put various book excerpts and other text pieces written about Fay Wray, reprinted with permission wherever possible, and always with complete credits given, in the interest of gathering as much information as possible. As always, please point the way to more information by emailing me.
(Added to site 17 June 2000) Wisconsin/Warner Bros Screenplay Series: Mystery of the Wax Museum
Edited by Richard Koszarski
© 1979 by The University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, Wisconsin.
excerpt from page 24-25:

(Added to site 17 June 2000) Stars of the Photoplay: Art Portraits of Famous Film Favorites with Short Biographical Sketches
by The Photoplay Magazine
© 1930 by Photoplay Publishing Co., Chicago.
book entry:

(Added to site 17 June 2000) Fay Wray
by Roy Kinnard
Films In Review magazine, February 1987. © 1987 by National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, New York, New York.

Read the whole article here.

(Added to site 17 June 2000) Hollywood High: The History of America's Most Famous Public School
by John Blumenthal
Ballantine Books, New York. © 1988 by John Blumenthal. ISBN 0-345-34344-1
excerpt, pages 72-74:

They Had Faces Then: Hollywood In The '30's - The Legendary Ladies
by John Springer and Jack Hamilton
Citadel Press, Secaucus, New Jersey. © 1974, published 1988 by Citadel Press, A Division of Lyle Stuart Inc. ISBN 0-8065-1108-7
excerpt from page 257:

excerpt from page 339:

Quinlan's Illustrated Directory of Film Stars
by David Quinlan
Hippocrene Books, Inc. New York. © 1986, published by Hippocrene Books, 171 Madison Ave, New York NY 10016. ISBN 0-87052-346-5
excerpt from page 455:

Cult Movie Stars
by Danny Peary
Fireside Books, New York. © 1991, published by Simon & Schuster, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 10020. ISBN 0-671-74924-2 and 0-671-69394-8
excerpt from page 594:

Who's Who & What's What In Science Fiction Film, Television, Radio & Theater
by Gene Wright
Bonanza Books, © 1983, published 1985 by Facts On File, Inc. ISBN 0-517-488868
excerpt from page 218:

What Is The Most Dangerous Game?
by George E. Turner
© 1995 The Roan Group, Inc. from the supplement of the laserdisc release of The Most Dangerous Game, to which I give the highest recommendation... you need to own this outstanding laserdisc release!

From The Most Dangerous Game Press Kit
RKO-Radio Pictures
© 1933 RKO-Radio Pictures
excerpt: excerpt: excerpt:

Vanity Fair Magazine, December 1988

"Flashback" article, page 148:

Cinema of the Fantastic
by Chris Steinbrunner and Burt Goldblatt
Galahad Books, New York City. © 1972, published by arrangement with Saturday Review Press, a division of E.P.Dutton. ISBN 0-88365-256-0
excerpt from page 54:

Collecting King Kong
by David Prestone
Baby Boomer Collectibles Magazine, February 1996, p.36
© 1996, published by Antique Trader Publications, 100 Bryant St., Dubuque, Iowa, 52003.
Note by Steve Hill:

Other Books of Significant Interest to Fay Wray fans:
  1. Attack of the Leading Ladies: Gender, Sexuality, and Spectatorship in Classic Horror Cinema
    by Rhona J Berenstein
    Columbia University Press, New York. 1996. ISBN 0-231-08463-3
    "The first book to explore the gender dynamics of classic horror film, ... Rhona J Berenstein presents an in-depth look at such films as Bride of Frankenstein, Doctor X, Dracula, King Kong, Mad Love, Svengali, and White Zombie." Much discussion of Fay Wray and her characters throughout. amazon.com

  2. At the Center of the Frame: Leading Ladies of the Twenties and Thirties
    by William M Drew
    Vestal Press, Lanham, Maryland. 1999. ISBN 1-879511-44-4
    "A fascinating collection of oral histories from ten prominent film actresses of the Golden Era of filmmaking: Billie Dove, Fay Wray, Annabella, Anita Page, Dorothy Lee, Marian Marsh, Constance Cummings, Evelyn Venable, Jean Muir, and Claire Trevor. Each star reveals intimate details and offers a penetrating look at some of the most important historical developments in cinema." One chapter on Fay Wray, pages 58-101, very long and detailed and accompanied by many photos, some provided by Fay Wray herself. amazon.com

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