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This page contains an accurate filmography for Fay Wray.

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Title/Year Studio/Director/Cast Multimedia
The Coast Patrol Bud Barsky Corp. / Bud Barsky.
Kenneth McDonald, Clair De Lorez.
Lazy Lightning Universal / William Wyler.
Art Acord, Bobby Gordon.
The Man in the Saddle Universal / Lynn Reynolds.
Hoot Gibson, Charles Mailes.
The Saddle Tramp Universal / Victor Nordlinger.
Edmund Cobb, Buck Connors.
The Wild Horse Stampede Universal / Albert Rogell.
Jack Hoxie, William Steele.
Loco Luck Universal / Cliff Smith.
Art Acord, Aggie Herron.
A One Man Game Universal / Ernest Laemmle.
Fred Humes, Harry Todd.
Spurs and Saddles Universal / Cliff Smith.
Art Acord, Bill Dyer.
The First Kiss Paramount / Rowland V Lee.
Gary Cooper, Lane Chandler.
Legion of the Condemned Paramount / William A Wellman.
Gary Cooper, Barry Norton.
The Street of Sin Paramount / Mauritz Stiller.
Emil Jannings, Olga Baclanova.
The Wedding March Paramount / Erich von Stroheim.
Erich von Stroheim, George Fawcett.
The Honeymoon Paramount / Erich von Stroheim.
Erich von Stroheim.
The Four Feathers Paramount / Ernest B Schoedsack.
Richard Arlen, William Powell.
Pointed Heels Paramount / A Edward Sutherland.
William Powell, Helen Kane.
Thunderbolt Josef von Sternberg.
George Bancroft, Richard Arlen.
Behind the Make-Up Paramount / Robert Milton.
William Powell, Kay Francis.
Border Legion Paramount / Otto Brower.
Richard Arlen, Jack Holt.
Captain Thunder Warner Bros. / Alan Crosland.
Victor Varconi, Charles Judels.
Paramount on Parade Paramount / Dorothy Arzner.
Jean Arthur, Clara Bow.
The Sea God Paramount / George Abbott.
Richard Arlen, Eugene Pallette.
The Texan Paramount / John Cromwell.
Gary Cooper, Emma Dunn.
The Conquering Horde Paramount / Edward Sloman.
Richard Arlen, Claude Gillingwater.
Dirigible Columbia / Frank Capra.
Jack Holt, Ralph Graves.
The Finger Points Warner Bros. / John Francis Dillon.
Richard Barthelmess, Clark Gable.
The Lawyer's Secret Paramount / Louis Gaznier.
Clive Brook, Richard Arlen.
Three Rogues Fox / Benjamin Stoloff.
Victor McLaglen, Lew Cody.
The Unholy Garden Goldwyn-UA / George Fitzmaurice.
Ronald Colman, Estelle Taylor.
Doctor X Warner Bros. / Michael Curtiz.
Lionel Atwill, Lee Tracy.
The Most Dangerous Game RKO / Ernest B Schoedsack.
Joel McCrea, Leslie Banks.
Stowaway Universal / Phil Whitman.
Betty Francisco, Leon Waycoff.
Ann Carver's Profession Columbia / Eddie Buzzell.
Gene Raymond, Claire Dodd.
The Big Brain RKO / George Archainbaud.
George E Stone, Phillips Holmes.
Below the Sea Columbia / Al Rogell.
Ralph Bellamy, Frederik Vogeding.
The Bowery 20th Century Fox-UA / Raoul Walsh.
Wallace Beery, George Raft.
Master of Men Columbia / Lambert Hillyer.
Jack Holt, Theodore von Eltz.
King Kong RKO / Ernest B Schoedsack.
Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot.
Mystery of the Wax Museum Warner Bros. / Michael Curtiz.
Lionel Atwill, Glenda Farrell.
One Sunday Afternoon Paramount / Stephen Roberts.
Gary Cooper, Neil Hamilton.
Shanghai Madness Fox / John Blystone.
Spencer Tracy, Ralph Morgan.
The Woman I Stole Columbia / Irving Cummings.
Jack Holt, Noah Beery.
The Vampire Bat Majestic / Frank Strayer.
Lionel Atwill, Melvyn Douglas.
The Affairs of Cellini 20th Century Fox-UA / Gregory La Cava.
Constance Bennett, Fredric March.
Black Moon Columbia / Roy William Neill.
Jack Holt, Dorothy Burgess.
Cheating Cheaters Universal / Richard Thorpe.
Cesar Romero, Minna Gombell.
The Countess of Monte Cristo Universal / Karl Freund.
Paul Lukas, Reginald Owen.
Madame Spy Universal / Karl Freund.
Nils Asther, Edward Arnold.
Once to Every Woman Columbia / Lambert Hillyer.
Ralph Bellamy, Walter Connolly.
The Richest Girl in the World RKO / William A Seiter.
Miriam Hopkins, Joel McCrea.
Viva Villa MGM / Jack Conway.
Wallace Beery, Leo Carillo.

White Lies Columbia / Leo Bulgakov.
Walter Connolly, Victor Jory.

Woman in the Dark RKO / Phil Rosen.
Ralph Bellamy, Melvyn Douglas.
Bulldog Jack Gaumont-British / Walter Forde.
Jack Hulbert, Ralph Richardson.
The Clairvoyant Gaumont-British / Maurice Elvey.
Claude Rains, Jane Baxter.

Come Out of the Pantry UA / Jack Raymond.
Jack Buchanan, James Carew.
Mills of the Gods Columbia / Roy William Neill.
May Robson, Victor Jory.
Roaming Lady Columbia / Alfred Rogell.
Ralph Bellamy, Thurston Hall.
They Met in a Taxi Columbia / Alfred E Green.
Chester Morris, Lionel Stander.
When Knights Were Bold General Film Distributors / Jack Raymond.
Jack Buchanan, Martita Hunt.
It Happened In Hollywood Columbia / Harry Lachman.
Richard Dix, Victor Killian.
Murder in Greenwich Village Columbia / Albert Rogell.
Richard Arlen, Raymond Walburn.

The Jury's Secret Universal / Ted Sloman.
Kent Taylor, Larry Blake.
Navy Secrets Monogram / Harvey Gates.
Grant Withers, Dewey Robinson.
Smashing the Spy Ring Columbia / Christy Cabanne.
Ralph Bellamy, Regis Toomey.
Wildcat Bus RKO / Frank Woodruff.
Charles Lang, Paul Guilfoyle.
Adam Had Four Sons Columbia / Gregory Ratoff.
Ingrid Bergman, Warner Baxter.
Melody For Three RKO / Erle C Kenton.
Jean Hersholt, Walter Woolf King.

Not a Ladies' Man Columbia / Lew Landers.
Paul Kelly, Douglas Croft.
Small Town Girl MGM / Leslie Kardos.
Jane Powell, Farley Granger.
Treasure of the Golden Condor 20th Century Fox / Delmar Davies.
Cornel Wilde, Finlay Curie.
The Cobweb MGM / Vincente Minelli.
Lauren Bacall, Richard Widmark.
Queen Bee Columbia / Ronald MacDougall.
Joan Crawford, Barry Sullivan.
Hell on Frisco Bay Warner Bros. / Frank Tuttle.
Alan Ladd, Edward G Robinson.
Crime of Passion UA / Gerd Oswald.
Barbara Stanwyck, Sterling Hayden.
Rock Pretty Baby Universal-International / Richard Bartlett.
Sal Mineo, John Saxon.
Tammy and the Bachelor Universal-International / Joseph Pevney.
Leslie Nielsen, Walter Brennan.
Dragstrip Riot American-International / Basil Bradbury.
Yvonne Lime, Connie Stevens.
Summer Love Universal-International / Charles Haas.
John Saxon, Molly Bee.
Gideon's Trumpet Made For Television / Robert Collins.
Henry Fonda, Jose Ferrer.
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