by Patrick Doyle
Sony Classical SK 62258
Released 1995
If you've read any of my other reviews, you know that Patrick Doyle is my favorite composer working today. Thus you can assume that I bought this score the day it was released (and months before I saw the film). I wasn't immediately gripped, I have to say - there is a lot of "samey" material in the middle - but the themes were once again very strong, and the music had the sublime quality of a purely classical recording. After a dozen or so listens, I was easily sold on the wonderfully delicate score with real moments of innocence and love. When I went to see the film, I marveled at how the music was so perfect and felt so "period" and everything blended into an outstanding movie. I remember Emma Thompson saying something about nobody believing that Patrick Doyle wrote the score during her Golden Globe acceptance speech, and I felt she was right - surely the soundtrack was a combination of original score and classical pieces? - and I was naturally disappointed that the score didn't win the Globe. If not one of Doyle's best, certainly one that's "way up there"! Highly recommended.

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