by Randy Newman
Varèse Sarabande VSD-5988
Released 1998
I guess I have to start by telling you that I really didn't like the movie. I just didn't. And I wasn't going to buy the score, not having owned any other Randy Newman releases. So you can see that the cards are stacked against this one (for me) right at the outset. Well, thankfully, I still like the score. There's some exceptionally lovely music here, and somehow it's not treacly like some other similar scores might turn out. I'm pretty sure the sequencing of the CD is all over the map, but I can't confirm it because I'm not about to sit through the movie again. The second track is "Real Rain," the highlight of the whole score. In fact, after that cue, it's pretty much on an even keel with a few recurring themes and a wrapup with the light "Let's Go Bowling." Recommended.

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