by John Ottman
RCA Victor 09026-68971
Released 1997
(Currently rated 82/100 in database - need to bring up to 84.) This score might just be John Ottman's most accomplished work to date. There's something in the orchestration and the composition that echoes the greatest of the Golden Age classics. It's fuller and more expressive than even his own excellent score to THE USUAL SUSPECTS yet it comfortably retains Ottman's distinctive style. In fact, Ottman is one of a handful of composers working today whose sound I can usually recognise immediately, and the recognition is most often a satisfied "ahhhh...Ottman" rather than a "yuck...Horner." (Sorry to pick on ya, Jimmy. Just an example, I assure you.) Anyway, if you're "on the fence" about John Ottman - is he really good or is he just lucky - a few listens to the mostly ignored INCOGNITO should help you decide that yes, he IS really good. One of these days I'll see the film, too.

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