by Patrick Doyle
Varèse Sarabande VSD-5339
Released 1991
Patrick Doyle is my favorite composer. This is not my favorite score of Doyle's, but it was the first one I heard and the one that got me started. I saw the movie shortly after its first appearance on video. I liked it a lot and bought the laserdisc. The music is so important to the film, I was already memorizing it, and the chords at the very beginning remain for me a "grabbing" moment - I mean the music reaches out and grabs you from its near silence, and I love it. The music is a bit light in the middle of the soundtrack, and nicely (not overly) bombastic toward the end, but Doyle's strength (unforgettable melody) is only on half power here. I love this one, but Doyle's talents are better represented in other works. Most of my appreciation for this is sentimental, or it comes from "The Headlines" which is the opening track. Recommended.

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