by Wojciech Kilar
Columbia CK 53165
Released 1992
I saw the film on opening night. I didn't like it. But the whole sequence up to the main title showing on screen was brilliant (it just went downhill from there). The music was a very vivid part of that sequence. For whatever reason (probably cost) I didn't buy the soundtrack. Later, when "Needful Things" was released, the television spots used "Vampire Hunters" and I was hooked into buying the Dracula score at last. And now Kilar is one of my favorite composers, perhaps second after Patrick Doyle (who coincidentally did "Needful Things"). Kilar is not for all tastes - his style is built around a lot of repetition - but his themes are unforgettable. The terror and overall flavor of this particular score are what makes it one of the best film scores of the 1990s. Even so, I'm not sure I'd say it's Kilar's best film work. Very highly recommended.

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