by Gil Mellé
Kapp Records KRS 5513
Released 1971
Electronic musique concréte for semiclassic Michael Crichton virus thriller might not accomplish its likely intention - to give a weird, futuristic, otherworldly feel to the film - but it still works well and fits nicely. It's not exactly easy listening, and there are no themes to hear. Also, be prepared to receive some odd looks from nearby people, if not requests to turn it off, if you're listening to it in public. Nevertheless, I still think the "music" is good, and appropriate. I can imagine computer geeks listening to this in the 1970s when electronic music was unique, unusual, distinctive and even a little daring (and back when those geeks would set an AM radio next to a machine to listen to the interference sounds). But in this day and age where some can't tell the electronics from the real instruments, the novelty isn't there. I'm not really sure if I recommend this score, even though I think it's pretty good. The album runs about 26 minutes and is not available on CD.

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