by Alan Silvestri
Varèse Sarabande VSD-5235
Released 1989
A film that I made a point of catching a 70MM print on opening night. At the time I saw the film, the music didn't leave a lasting impression, but the first time I ever saw "Predator" I loved the music immediately and made the connection. I sought out "The Abyss" and was initially disappointed. I liked the main title but there wasn't much meat to it. I suppose by the time I reached the marvelous "Bud On The Ledge" I had tuned it out, because it took me ages to revisit the CD and find out just how marvelous that track is. Wonderful choir work, great juxtaposition of quiet and loud. So my latest take on it is this: good start, mostly very quiet and weak middle (except I wouldn't call "The Pseudopod" weak) and a terrific finish. Recommended.

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