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Review by Selina T. Lock
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Yep, shill, it's even being seen by us Brits now, well 2 of us at least thanks to Kathy sending us it over (Cheers Kathy).

So what did I think of it? Well, I thought bits of it were great but I'm afraid some bits I didn't get, is any of it referring to American fandom type stuff that we might not get?

(See Michael's review for a little about how relevant it is/was to fandom. --ed.)

Steve Hill is superb as Colin Baker, looks and sounds like him :-) even the accent! Which is what is a bit lacking in the others, perhaps being so noticable because Shill sounds good, and possibly more noticable to me as I'm from the UK. I see you all have a thing about Doughnuts, ermm or rather donuts as I'm told they're a bit different to British doughnuts. We also tend to eat many doughnuts while filming, usually the all night shoots urrggh.

I loved the Hart to Hart bit, brilliant, and I found it amusing that many of the female roles were played by the same lass (Jennifer Kelley) as I'm assured that in earlier days that happened in our productions too :-) something about fandom in the eighties/early nineties I guess.

Anyway, i can recommend that much of this tape is amusing.

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