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Review by Keith Bradbury
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The Reign of Turner (*** out of ****)

Colin "Bayker" returns in a fit of anger after dealings with producer John "Naythan-Turner," convinced that the "Dictator of Who" is intent on ruining the series. Colin is surprised to find a bin of video tapes nestled beneath his table, along with a note that reads, "To help you in your fight with John Naythan-Turner. Tapes from the Matrix. Wait, watch, and learn. Your destiny lies in these bins. The Watcher." The tapes contain excerpts of the various stories produced during Naythan-Turner's reign as producer.

This video is parody, pure and simple, containing much that works, as well as much that doesn't. Steven Hill's portrayal of Mr. Baker is so exceptional, you may actually forget he is NOT Colin! Jennifer Kelley does a great job playing most of the female companions, but truly shines as Tegan (especially in the parody sequence of Logopolis, episode one). Most of the Davison and Colin Baker episode parodies work exceptionally well, although several of the Tom Baker parodies fall flat. Perhaps more disappointing are the "behind-the-scenes" quarrels with Turner. Nestled within these great parodies is a feeling of bitterness at Mr. Turner, which may take itself a little too seriously at times. Nevertheless, you will find much to enjoy in this tape. Add to that a great-looking cover, and you'll want this one in your collection. Oh, by the way, great TARDIS, guys! Loved the sets. To get this tape, visit The Federation.

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