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23 December 2006
Though very few people have ever seen it, there's been a Fay Wray Store linked from the links page for quite a while now. I've just changed the store and updated it with new products, so by all means, check it out. Everything purchased through the store (affiliated with helps contribute to the operation of this website, and believe me, I appreciate every penny. The new store is here.
17 September 2004
I attended a memorial service for Fay Wray in Los Angeles on 12 September. I invite you to read what I've written about the event; it is accompanied by photographs. Please click here to read it. Many thanks to Fay's family for making me feel welcome.
15 August 2004
We have a personal message from Fay Wray's daughter Vicki to our website visitors, especially those who have left their thoughts in the Book of Condolence. Please read Vicki's message here. Meanwhile, please continue to add your words of condolence to the Book of Condolence. Thank you to those that have left messages, they are quite beautiful.
10 August 2004
Since the site really has no NEWS page, I'll put some notices here. First, the Empire State Building in New York City has announced that for a period of 15 minutes starting at 9 PM New York time on Tuesday 10 August, the lights in the skyscraper will be dimmed in remembrance of Fay Wray. Second, I spent some time trying to organize my long-overdue content update, and hope to do an upload by the end of the week. Finally, PLEASE add your words of condolence to the Book of Condolence. Thank you.
9 August 2004
With tears in my eyes, have added the obituary notice for Fay.
18 March 2004
Removed some links to currently unavailable audio/video files, and added a link for a newly available video download, all on the Fay Wray Media Archive page.
17 May 2003
Added a notice about two rarely-seen Fay Wray films to be aired on TCM, on the Fay Wray on TV page.
11 March 2003
Changed all the email links on all the pages to a common email gateway page. One problem was that my site was scattered with various emails I've used over the years, some of which were no longer active and would not work. The other problem is spam email that I'd like to alleviate. The new email gateway page is here.
10 March 2003
Added a new feature - the "Fay Wray Store", powered by, where you can find a few items of interest. Click here to check it out: The Fay Wray Store
Also... yes, I know there has been no new content for a long time. That WILL be rectified very soon. I have a huge amount of new items to add to the website, and the longer I wait the bigger the task becomes, so I need to do it soon. Very soon!
23 March 2001
Fixed the positions of the image map hot spots on the main page, and added the "Fay Wray On TV" page that was missing.
20 March 2001
Fixed the random image script on the photos page (broken since the site moved), and fixed the main page link to the mailing list. Working on some amazing new pictures that will be uploaded soon!
17 March 2001
Made a few minor changes to the filmography page, like adding links to the media page where appropriate.
14 March 2001
Put the finishing touches on the new main page. Very few structural changes to the site otherwise, but there will be changes coming this spring. Also created this history page so you can easily see what's new or different about the site; I'll see if I can add a bit of "ancient" history about the site dating back to its debut in 1995 and do a bit of write-up here too.
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