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Links Checked (last check 11 Mar 2001)

  • Internet Movie Database Fay Wray Filmography - no list of links would be complete without it.
  • TV Guide's Movie Database Fay Wray Filmography - not bad for competition to the IMDb.
  • King Kong - The Eighth Wonder of the World! - terrific page devoted to King Kong, a must-see.
  • Silent Film Actresses - an interesting essay on Golden Age film actresses. Recommended.
  • King Kong - Filmsite Synopsis - lengthy, detailed description and synopsis of film with quotes, poster art and more. Very nice.
  • King Kong posters - get your King Kong movie poster reproductions here.
  • Movies Unlimited - 1930's Horror - a place to order a couple of Fay Wray titles on VHS video.
  • Alfred Hitchcock Television - information on Hitchcock's television credits, including "A Dip in the Pool" starring Fay Wray.
  • Japanese review - looks like a review of this web site (circa 1996) including an old screen capture!
  • Fay Wray filmography - a very limited filmography

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