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I suppose some of you are thinking that I have too much time on my hands. I don't, I assure you! Everything on the Movie Title Screens site is generated by reports exported from an Access database. The only thing I do manually is grab the picture and put in the information.

What started this? Back around 1995 or 1996 when I had a few hundred laserdiscs and DVDs were still a consumer electronics dream, I had the misfortune of discovering a rotted laserdisc in my collection. I did some reading and learned that it was not an uncommon problem. I already had a movie database (text-based at the time) in which I would put every new title I purchased. When thinking about laser rot, I thought it would be a good idea if I went through each laserdisc and check them one by one. Coincidentally, I had recently acquired a new video capture device. Since I was going to go through all the trouble of playing every laserdisc for a brief visual check, I thought I'd capture the title screens while I was at it.

It did take a great amount of time to go through all those discs, I admit. I would do twenty or thirty at a time, then stop for a day, a week, even a month. But eventually I got to the point where I had everything, and from that point on all I had to do was grab from anything new added to my collection. (I eventually went back and added all the movies I had on videotape too.) The process is really fast now...with DVDs and a DVD-ROM drive, it only takes a minute or two.

Doing this has given me a great appreciation for title designs and the effect they can sometimes have on a movie. And since I had all these images, I thought why not share them? So I did a little programming in Access, and now I can update these pages and add new movies with a few clicks. And if you think it's a colossal waste of time, why not just browse elsewhere?

©1997, 2003 Steven W Hill

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